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Things to Consider When Adding Running Boards to Your Truck


Access to a truck can make it easier to haul many different types of items. The increased height of a truck's chassis gives you the clearance you need to weigh down your truck's bed while still retaining the ability to easily pass over culverts, small hills, and potholes. While the added height of a truck can be a bonus when it comes to hauling a load, the extra inches between your truck's cab and the ground can also make it challenging to get into the vehicle with ease.


How to Remove and Replace Weatherstripping From a Leaky Camper Shell


A camper shell is designed to prevent the elements from intruding your space, so it's a real problem if your camper shell leaks when it rains. Making your camper shell leak proof will require new weatherstripping along the edge of shell. Below is a step-by-step guide for installing new weatherstripping on your camper shell.


Drop-In Bed Liners Versus Spray-On Bed Liners: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Each


Bed liners are a popular aftermarket accessory for pickup trucks, and there is good reason for this. Bed liners provide rugged protection of your vehicle's bed and prevent needless dings and dents from arising. Not only that, but some bed liners also add cargo control by incorporating non-skid bottoms and tie-downs. If installed properly, bed liners can also increase the aesthetic appeal of your pickup truck.

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