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A Quick Tonneau Guide: Choosing the Style That Is Right for You

Buying a tonneau cover is not as easy as it may seem. There are many types of covers and a variety of manufacturers that sell each style under their brand name. The simplest models are manual rollup versions, and power retractable models provide coverage for people that want and need the best. Here is a basic explanation of what is available.

Rollup Covers

When you want to provide some protection from weather and theft without spending more than your budget can bear, choose a vinyl or canvas rollup cover. This is a useful truck accessory that keeps valuables out of sight without your needing to install cargo boxes or tool boxes. 

The cover is manually rolled up and back, an activity that may be too time-consuming for some users. However, the covers are lightweight, so they are easy to maneuver and do not add excess weight to a vehicle.  

Tri-fold and Hinged Covers

Tri-fold covers have aluminum framing and are hinged so that accessing the interior of the bed is fast and easy. The covers are available in soft and hard models, and the aluminum frames are typically epoxy coated to prevent rust. Hard models have gloss or matte finishes. A drill-free clamping system keeps both types in place. 

Hinged covers are similar to tri-fold but have only one hinge along the center from the cab to the tailgate. This hinge gives the user the ability to access the bed from the driver or passenger side rather than only from the back of the truck. 

Retractable Tonneau Covers

Retractable covers provide the fastest way to open and close the lid. A retractable cover is often the best option for people who need repeated access to their gear or tools every day. Retractable covers operated by a remote increase the convenience level by making it easy for you to open and close the cover even when your hands are full. 

Choices by Cost

Vinyl and heavy-duty canvas rollup covers are the most budget-conscious options available. These covers are convenient, attractive and offer the minimum level of protection. The tops are attached to the truck with a self-adhesive Velcro closure that is extremely durable and makes installation easy. 

Hard tonneau covers offer the most security in extreme weather and against theft. There are covers that are self-locking and others that are secure once the tailgate itself is locked. Both offer a tremendous amount of security and are often described as safer than the cab of the truck because there is no easy access point, like a window, for thieves to penetrate. 

Purchases for Convenience

Retractable covers are very convenient, and power retractable covers are the most luxurious. However, hinged covers offer numerous benefits as well. Center-hinged tonneaus allow access to each side of the bed individually and eliminate the need to open the entire cover in order to reach items near the cab.

Features to Demand

There are some features every cover must offer to make them worth their purchase price regardless of the style, price or brand. The cover should be easy to install, remove and operate. It should boost the appearance of the truck, be durable, protect from theft and be exceptionally water resistant. 

With the right cover, you can easily turn any truck bed into a secure storage area without sacrificing style or fuel efficiency. Once you choose a type of cover, find the best brand in that style and fit it to the truck. At Leer Truck Accessory Center we make all of these steps much easier. Contact us or stop in to see what we have to offer. ‚Äč