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Cargo Carriers Improve Your Camping Experience

Cargo Container
The great outdoors has so much to offer - beautiful views, communing with nature, and clean air to breathe. It's no wonder camping is one of the most popular pastimes. However, even when you go camping, you want to bring some of your amenities along. This can seem challenging if you have a family and drive a truck.

A rack system can help solve the problem. Not only can it facilitate your daily activities, but cargo carriers can help improve your camping getaway experience.

Special Advantages of Cargo Carriers

Large camping equipment, such as tents and bicycles, can impede your view while you're driving. However, cargo carriers have been specially designed to store large items safely and as out of your driving sightline as possible.

If you don't correctly store large camping equipment, it may rattle around in your truck, especially when you start hitting those bumpy roads that lead to your favorite out-of-the-way locale. However, when you've secured the equipment properly in the appropriate cargo carrier, your truck bed will be safe from harm.

An advantage you might not think of is how cargo carriers can improve the actual drive to your camping spot. If you don't have a convenient way of storing all your equipment, it's going to clutter the interior of the truck. This can result in discomfort - and children who whine because they're not comfortable during the drive.

Bed Extenders

The obvious job of a truck bed extender is to extend the length of your truck bed. There are different ways to accomplish this. Cargo gates provide a rail around the end of your tailgate to keep equipment safe inside. Hitch load extenders extend past the tailgate via a bar that balances especially long items.

Bed extenders, especially cargo gates, are an excellent way to keep your camping gear secure within the bed of your truck. However, it doesn't work well for specialty items such as bikes. The hitch load extender works well for overly long recreation items, such as canoes and rafts.

Over-Bed Racks

Over-bed utility racks extend up instead of out. Over-bed racks usually come as a pair of racks that extend up from the corners of the truck bed. They secure to the bed using lock cylinders and are usually compatible with tonneau covers. The bars feature load stops for securing your equipment. You can vary the height of the utility rack depending on your needs.

By extending up, you can fill the truck bed with your camping supplies. Specialized equipment, such as boats or kayaks, can be affixed to the bars above the truck bed.

Roof Racks

As Truck Camper Magazine points out, an underutilized area for storage is the roof, whether of the truck or a camper. Roof racks are essentially a shorter version of over-bed utility racks. They consist of towers that affix to the four corners of your roof, using either a specialized clamp or your truck's factorymount tracks. The crossbars attach to the towers and run from side to side.

There are specially-designed roof racks for bikes. However, any roof rack makes it easier to transport skis or snowboards, surfboards, canoes, kayaks, and tents. You can also attach a cargo box for stashing smaller items.

Bike Racks

There are many different styles of bike racks. As noted above, it's possible to choose roof racks specific for bikes, while over-bed racks can also be used for bicycles. A specialized bike rack is the hitch-mounted variety. These extend out from the hitch of the truck and provide either a tray or post with a cradle for attaching the bikes.

Naturally, a hitch-mounted bike rack isn't compatible with a bed extender. However, if you're taking a lot of gear and have opted for an over-bed or roof rack, then a hitch-mounted bike rack can help extend back for load carrying.

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